Why should I be credentialed after attending CAVT to work as a veterinary technician?

In order to work in many states, you must be either a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician), RVT (registered veterinary technician), or LVT (licensed veterinary technician).  This varies by state.  Colorado is a CVT (certification) state.  In order to apply to a state for credentialing, you must graduate from an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited school such as the Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology (CAVT).

Although some states allow you to work as a technician (of sorts) without credentialing, veterinarians will prefer to hire you, because credentialed technicians possess a variety of skills that enable them to act as fully functioning veterinary nurses.  For example, at the CAVT, students learn to place catheters, draw blood, perform blood tests, administer anesthesia, and perform first aid.  These are skills with rigorous requirements that take at least 2 years to learn.  CAVT students gain these skills in the CAVT clinic and also engage in a 400 hour internship before graduation from the CAVT.

Credentialed graduates of the CAVT are also eligible to specialize.  To apply for specialization, you must log hours in a particular area of expertise, submit case studies, and pass a rigorous exam.  Once specialized as a VTS (Veterinary Technician Specialist) you may work at a veterinary specialty center, teach, or consult.  These individuals also command higher salaries.   This is only available to you if your are credentialed after graduating from an AVMA accredited school such as the CAVT.

In addition, only credentialed technicians, are, as a technical matter, qualified to administer anesthesia, and perform necessary medical calculations needed to dispense drugs.   Matters of life and death involving anesthesia and dispensing of drugs should only be performed by qualified personnel.  At the CAVT, students learn all the AVMA required tasks that veterinary technician students must learn prior to graduation.

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